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The CDC is asking all seamstresses to help fight Covid19 by making non-surgical cloth masks for hospitals, nursing homes, or if you can make one or two, please do so in your area!!

Everyone else...for every non-surgical mask purchased Pearly Vine will donate one non-surgical cloth mask, or the cash donation equivalent, to a local non profit in central Ohio who desperately needs it. 

We met our goal of 250 cloth masks to Huckleberry House.  Homelessness does not stop during a pandemic outbreak and we are honored to help in any way we can BUT cloth masks will never fulfill all of their needs so IF you would like to donate DIRECTLY to Huck House please send a check to 1421 Hamlet Street, Columbus, OH 43201.

We have met our next goal of 200 masks to LSS CHOICES for Victims of Domestic Violence. Domestic violence is a terrible and increasingly pervasive problem that tears apart families and communities and LSS CHOICES has been the sole resource for victims seeking shelter in Franklin County for more than four decades. IF you would like to donate DIRECTLY to LSS CHOICES please Click Here 

Pearly Vine , LLC has NOW partnered with Broad Street Presbyterian FOOD PANTRY.This week alone they served 242 families – that’s 100 more families this week than the 2019 average.  They distributed about 4500 pounds of food.  Every family received meat, milk, eggs and fresh produce in addition to the shelf stable items, along with diapers, feminine hygiene products and extra meals for children if they need them. we keep sewing to fulfill all of your orders and needs...every order you make we will be donating the 2nd mask in cash to Broad Street Presbyterian Food Pantry.

Beth, Diana, Katie, Kris, Brenda, Sara, Chris, Amy, Erika and Heidi are working around the clock from our quarantined homes to make these fashionable and needed cloth masks!

OH...and if you have N95 masks, disposable masks, even construction masks in storage PLEASE donate those to a local facility in need.

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