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I have NEVER been very good at asking for help.  Growing up with 2 older wildly successful brothers (BOTH were 1st in the state track meet), one was class president, one was an All American - you learn at an early age to DO IT YOURSELF.  If you want a brighter room...grab some paint; eat fresh vegetables...make a garden; wear something on Friday...make a shirt!!!!!!! 

Pearly Vine was built on the DIY attitude...I mean ACTUALLY BUILT on the let's figure out a way to make something and sell it while my kids are at home kind of attitude...but that was when I had small children and was actually sewing EVERY piece! 

Flash forward and Pearly Vine is in over 250 retail stores, being sold at some of the biggest shows in the country, has 6 very talented tailors/seamstresses and has an actual WORKING WEBSITE?...?? HELP!! is what I asked and HELP is what I got.  Erika Halliday is now working at Pearly Vine managing the website, invoicing, packaging, doing the retail shows(when she has to), and keeping yours truly "on track".  She is the BEST and I am happy to call her my sister-in-law!  

So the next time you call the office, buy a shirt at a show, have a question about fit, or just want to reach out - it might be Erika that you talk to and you will realize that she is a WAY better version! 

Remember to ask for help, eat the cake, wear the shirt, pop the collar and HAVE FUN!


May 31, 2018 by Heidi Ackley